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What's New: Services

The summer small coaching groups focus on writing as a process with its own logic and trajectory. Informed by empirical research on emotional intelligence, positive psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy, and more, the groups combine coaching by an experienced professional coach with the benefits of peer-learning. The program is open to graduate students engaged in a variety of writing projects, from grant proposals to conference papers to dissertations.

Goals of the coaching groups:

  • To provide ongoing support to graduate students, who would like to create and adhere to a structured summer writing schedule.

  • To support students in navigating the emotional and practical challenges of writing, such as perfectionism, procrastination, impostor syndrome, balancing competing commitments, etc.

  • To help students stay on track with their writing plans by providing accountability and opportunity to troubleshoot.

  • To counteract isolation related to social distancing.

  • To offer support to students working on a variety of writing projects: dissertation, major papers/qualifiers, articles for publication, and more.

  • To normalize writing-related challenges and offer an opportunity for peer-learning.

The specifics:

  • Small coaching group of 4-8 participants

  • Virtual format

  • Confidential

  • Weekly meetings

  • Focus on writing as a process, NOT on content or structure. There will be no workshopping or feedback on individual pieces.

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